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Giant was founded in 1972: to create better bikes and improve the cycling experience. Innovation sets giant apart. Giant's ability to produce high-quality bikes allowed more riders to experience cycling in a whole new way. Giant has pioneered advancements in both aluminium and composite engineering. Introduced the first affordable carbon fibre bike. Over the last four decades, Giant has grown to become the world's leading brand of quality bicycles and gear, we aim to inspire adventure in all riders, from casual to competitive. Giant bikes win world championships. But most importantly, they win the hearts of riders who choose to make cycling a part of their lives. Giant aims to be a trusted friend on every road that unfolds before you. We're proud to be a partner with Giant and support your cycling adventures. RIDE LIFE. RIDE GIANT.


perfect for racing or faster touring

Giant Defy 4
from €20


the ideal bike for exploring irelands senice wilds

Giant Escape from €12.50

Giant Liv Alight from €12.50

electric assist

when you need that little bit more help

Giant Twist W
from €30

Giant Defy 4

The Defy is a bike you can ride all day on, race on, and have fun on.Born in Giant’s own in-house aluminium forging facility and engineered with ALUXX Aluminium Technology, sharp steering and a PowerCore oversized bottom bracket area for stiff, efficient power transfer.
Defy 4 Spec
FrameALUXX -Grade Aluminum
ForkAdvanced-Grade Carbon Composite
GearsShimano Claris 16 speed 11-32
TyresGiant S-R4, Flat Guard, 700x25mm
Optionavailable with rack and mudguards
Defy 4 prices
1 day€45
2-4 days€30
5-11 days€25
12+ days€20

Giant Escape 2016

Giant Escape with its lightweight and durable ALUXX aluminium frame and upright flat bar positioning, Escape is comfortable, agile and sporty for longer rides. Escape has a stable, confident ride quality. Thanks to integrated dropouts, it has been equiped with racks and mudguards.
Giant Escape Spec
FrameALUXX-Grade Aluminum
GearsShimano EZ Fire 41 21-speed 14-34
TyresGiant S-X3 puncture protect 700x32mm
As standardwith rack, mudguards, repair kit and lock
2016 Giant Escape prices
One Day€20
One Week€80
Extra Days€10
One Way Hire€25

Giant Liv Alight 2016

Giant Liv Alight with its lightweight and durable ALUXX aluminium frame and upright flat bar positioning, Alight is comfortable, agile and sporty for longer rides. Women’s specific geometry and sizing gives Alight a stable, confident ride quality. Thanks to integrated dropouts, it has been equiped with racks and mudguards.
Liv Alight Spec
FrameALUXX-Grade Aluminum
ForkLightweight Steel
GearsShimano EZ Fire 41 21-speed 14-34
TyresGiant S-X3 puncture protect 700x32mm
As standardwith rack, mudguards, repair kit and lock
2016 Liv Alight prices
One Day€20
One Week€80
Extra Days€10
One Way Hire€25

Twist Lite 2 W

Tackle anything, no more groaning as hills are flattened - assisted pedal power is the future of uncomplicated mobility. The all-new Twist Lite W features a new slimmer front hub motor, an ALUXX Aluminium frame and internal power cable routing - control, speed and safety are quite literally no sweat.
Twist Lite 2 W Spec
FrameALUXX-Grade Aluminum
TyresGiant S-HPB3 622x37mm w/reflection
As standardwith rack and mudguards
Giant Twist Lite 2 W prices
1 day€45
2-4 days€40
5-11 days€35
12+ days€30

The Emerald Isle

The wild Atlantic way stretches over 2500km from Kinsale in County Cork all the wy up to Malin head in County Donegal and includes some of Ireland's greatest scenery; the beara peninsula, ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninula, Cliffs of Mohar, The Burren national park, Galway City, Wilds of COnnamera, Killary Habour and on to the scenic wild of Donegal.

The republic of cork

The coast of south and west cork is dotted by picturesque fishing village and small restaurants serving the best of irish seafood. The secenry is dotted nooks and crannys as part of the beara cycle way from Glengariff to Dursey Island and back to Kenmare
cork route

The Kingdom of Kerry

Kerry is a mistical place where high mountains meet the rugged coast,
kerry route

The coast of clare

the cliff of mohar are one of the first sights people see as they fly into ireland from north america
clare route


the city of tribes and the connemara coast
galway route
Cork routes and information
Kerry routes and information
Clare routes and information
Galway routes and information

Read about a family's Bike Holiday in Ireland

Left home at 10:30 am. Picnic lunch at Rockford Illinois roadside table. Arrived Chicago/O'Hare 4:00 check in. Asked to be placed on "bump list" Offer of $ 400 per seat plus rooms and meals at the Hilton. No luck. 7:25 p.m. so on to Ireland. Six hours and 40 minute flight out of Chicago to Dublin then on to Limerick. Sara has window seat, I have aisle. We are on left side of Aer Lingus Airbus #330-300. Eva to my right and then Amber. A lot of Irish folks on the flight. International Special Olympics are going to be held in Dublin while we are there also. Summer Solstice will also take place.
(Flight lands in Dublin then on to Limerick) Bus ride to downtown Limerick to Emerald Alpine Bike Rental. Got bikes and outfitted with bags. Rode around the city and found bus depot purchased tickets north to Galway. Arrived in Galway. After many nos found a perfect little Bed & Breakfast for 80 Euro everyone showered and going downtown for supper. Walked from Jennifer's B&B to downtown. Had a couple pints in a stinky little pub. Ate supper at hotel. I had Irish stew & Guinness. Sara, Eva & Amber had chicken wraps. We then walked back to the B&B and slept like babies.
Galway, Ireland Summer Solstice: Awoke-shower-coffee-breakfast w/Jennifer. Sara found Diet Coke at little store down the road. Said our good byes to our hostess Jennifer Clarke and started to cycle out of Galway. Amber took a fall at a roundabout and cut her palms. We had a cute little mutt dog follow us through the city for several miles. We finally had to run her off. Biked north out of the city. Absolutely beautiful-everything I had imagined Ireland to be! "You can bury me now!" Beautiful little streams along the way. Stopped at a cemetery and walked through it. Allot of Celtic crosses. Very sunny day. Stopped at a little store in the village of Mann Cross and bought meat, cheese, bread, yogurt bars (hot) mustard & sodas. We had a nice picnic, then biked into the little village of Recess. Met a man named Patrick Stauton we decided to stay at his family B&B/home. He gave Eva, Amber & bikes a ride in his truck about five miles up the mountain to the house. Sara and I had a couple pints then biked up to the B&B, found the girls sleeping. We were told we probably cycled about 58 miles! A great day to be alive. Sara and I cleaned up and then walked down to a Hotel for Supper at 8:20 p.m. The place was called Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel. Very exclusive. 97 eruo per person per night. We found the "Public House" pub within. Had a couple pints and a Jameson. Ordered four chicken sandwiches and chips walked back to Patrick's. Fed the girls their sandwiches and went to bed at 10:30. Good night!
Woke up around 8:00am. My sleep had been full of dreams. I had read some "Irish Celtic Fairy Tales" at the Pub. Our Hostess Juda and Host Patrick served us a meat loaded typical Irish breakfast with farm fresh eggs from their free-roaming Rhode Island Reds. All the sheep are "Black faced Scottish". All with horns and very hardy. They can graze at the higher elevation. We said our good-byes and cycled off to the SE on a little road going higher up the mountainside. We parked our bikes and hiked for about thirty minutes up to the ancient site, called Mamean. This site has old burial circles also Saint Patrick had slept here in the 400s AD. This was a very ancient site; pre-Christian/Gaelic families would meet here and feast in August. The Joyces and the Flaetreys. We met a historian and a world class photographer who had sold his work to National Geographic and Time to name a few. They were leading a group of photography students from Portugal. I had brought a small piece of sod from my mother, Cecelia Margaret O'Brien Mason, grave. My daughters and I planted it atop this mountain and dug up an equal size piece and upon my return I placed it in the debit upon my Mom's grave. She had always wanted to visit Ireland but never made it. Stopped at pub & had snacks. Headed north again through Lough Inagh Country near the "Twelve Bens" mountain range on road #R 344. Big beautiful country, trout streams, peat smoke and sheep. Turned west on #N 59 stopped near Kylemore Abbey then went beyond to a little waterfall coming down out of the mountain side, sunk my head into it, beautifully cold. Fly fisherman in Lake Boats. Stopped at a little pub in the town of Letterfrack. I had a smoked salmon sandwich with chips and a couple pints of Guinness. One of the finest meals ever. After lunch we pushed on to the town of Clifden and got a B&B in the downtown. Two rooms for $22.50 per person. Benview House. Nice and very old. Desmond is the host. Did laundry and hung it outside on the clotheslines. Going down to have a pint and listen to some music. Went to a pub with traditional music, met Princess Haley and her dad, a taxi owner (hack) from Dublin. Great music and visited with strangers.
Clifden, Galway Ireland: Beautiful Morning! Sunny and warm. Breakfast and packed. Got my "delicates" off the laundry line up in the garden. Desmond was very gracious. We bought a couple of things in a gift shop. Bought a tin whistle and an Ireland ball cap. Saw books on Celtic Fairy Tales. Biked out of town toward Balyconnelly. Stopped at a beach. Talked to an old man. Had a flat tire on my bike, rear tire. One and half-hours later we are on our way. Cycled out to Connamara Golf course. Sara bought Brian a golf towel, monogrammed. I got a picture of Sara putting on the course. We rented ponies and took a ride on beach. Then we had to stop and took a little pussy kitty back to an owner's house. Traveled along the coast. Some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Saw swans in bays. Sheep being castrated by man named John King of Roundstone. Made it into Roundstone. Old lady in the road near her driveway had four cattle coming. We looked for lodging all over, north and south. Finally put Eva and Amber south of town and us in town. Met Sara and girls at pub for salmon and wraps (vegetables) and Guinness. Sara and girls retired early. I bought a pint and an Irish Mist, I asked the bartender if it would be ok if I took the two glasses outside and watched the night sky on the harbor, his reply was that was fine however he suggested I take one of his stools as well and be comfortable. Met up with photography class from Ireland and Portugal, who we had first met days earlier on top of the mountain. Then went to Kings Pub and met John King father of Eileen from our B & B. He was the man castrating black faced Scottish outside of town. Had a pint and visited then walked back up the hill together. John is a 69-year-old farmer and former fisherman. Also was a waiter in New York City in 1956. Very interesting man. Good night!
Roundstone, Ireland: Early morning walk through an old cemetery and churchyard with coffee. Breakfast with Sara at B & B. Met up with Eva and Amber at the other B & B and biked out of Roundstone. Very beautiful landscapes along the sea. Then our route traveled through a major bog area where many folks were cutting and drying peat. We rode into Screeb and Rusmoc and got a B & B early in the afternoon. Mary Joyce's near Vale Clarke's Pub. That's Jennifer's brother, Jennifer has the B & B in Galway we stayed at. I repaired another flat tire and Sara and I biked out to dead end road west of Mary's about four miles. Saw an old man w/ cane and more rock walls and cottages. Went to V. Clarke's pub and had a few pints. Talked with locals who were speaking Gaelic and English. Bought groceries and went back to B & B. Sara made sandwiches for all.
Rusmoc, Ireland: Breakfast at Mary and Tommy Joyce's B & B. Spoke of John Shawn Manahan, a local man now about 40 who made it to Madison Square Garden boxing. He was a contender for world championship. Two photos of him in the local pub…. He still lives in the village and has a boxing training camp for the local kids. Stopped at Clarke's Pub and they gave me a 'Jameson Irish Whiskey' towel. We Biked to Ros an Mhil and had a picnic and bought tickets for the ferry to Inishmore, Aran Islands. We arrived on Inishmore, the big Island. Eva and Amber stayed in the village and shopped and listened to music performed by children and Sara and I cycled up to Dun Aengus and then walked up to the pre-historic site, 2000 B. C. Beautiful Cliffs 300-foot sheer drop to Atlantic Ocean. We had to race back down to catch the Doolin ferry at 4:00 PM. We made it and met Patrick O'Brien and his son Shawn from Cork and agreed to meet them later at O'Conner's pub in Doolin for a session. When our ferry landed I borrowed a taxi driver's cell phone to call a nearby B& B where a sociology professor of Amber's from Coe College, Cedar Rapids Iowa was to be staying but he wasn't in. Dr. William Flanigan is spending a portion of the summer studying the culture of the Irish Pubs. He plans to publish a book on the subject matter. But lord and behold whom do we run into on the street of the little village later in the evening and spend the night listening to traditional music with? Bill Flanigan. We took a walk later to an ancient cemetery. We then went back to O'Conner's Pub and listened to tradionanl music. Two redheaded women sang un-accompanied at the pub during the bands break, one sang "Danny Boy" and the younger of the two sang some Gaelic song in ocopelo, as Amber remarked "there wasn't a dry eye in the place"! It was beautiful. She was from Dublin. I actually encouraged her to get up and sing by pushing her twice as she was standing next to me. She sang like an angel. Stayed at Saint Anthony's B & B a couple doors from the pub.
Beautiful, fresh sunny morning! Breakfast and bought CDs at traditional music shop run by a guy named Skip. Heading out toward Cliffs of Moher. Saw Dr.William Flanigan and his girlfriend, again. She is a pediatric doctor from Turkey and practices at the University of Iowa. We said our good-byes and biked to the Cliffs of Moher. Wow! Seabirds and a 705-foot drop into the Atlantic Ocean. Lady gave me Vaseline for my red wind-blown and sun burnt face. Eva bought a little wooden puzzle and a pretty necklace. Met a dog named Che. It started to rain. We cycled into Liscannor got a ˝ pint and found lodging for the night above Vaughn's Pub very nice. The girls had supper at the pub Sara and I ate at the Zephyr cafe later. We had Creme of chicken and mushroom soup as an appetizer. I had Irish stew and Sara had a chicken salad. Went to bed early and read part of "Trinity".
Liscannor, Ireland: Wake up and shower. Coffee and breakfast. We had made plans to have a van with a trailer pick us up 10:00 a m here and take us and the bikes to Limerick, our seven day rental was up. We arrived in downtown Limerick and returned the rental bikes. All is well with Vincent who owns the rental place. Walked a couple blocks to the Irish Tourist Bureau. A young lady named Mary made a lot of phone calls so we could secure a rental car at the Shannon Airport. Got a taxicab to the airport for twenty euros. Rented tiny blue four-door five speeds auto. We drove out of the airport and located a small store and bought grocery items. We then found a government park and had a picnic lunch. We then drove to Dingle and got a B & B. The Mall House. Beautiful place. We plan to stay until Sunday, noon. Two nights. Showered and plan to go have a pint. Walked to fishing pier and around the downtown. Had a pint in a little pub near the Atlantic then went to O'Flattery's and listened to traditional music. Later went to a bar with rock band. Left at closing time and Eva and Amber went to another after hour's bar till 3:00 a. m.
We will stay here 'til tomorrow. Same B & B. had a lovely breakfast in the B & B. the Mall House owned by Jerry and Kathleen O'Connor. Sara and I took the car and drove to Slea Head. Visited ancient rock beehive structures, awesome scenery saw a peregrine falcon scream by the cliffs and gannets diving into the surf. The wind picked up all day. We saw the Blasket Islands off the coast. We returned to Dingle and meet up with Eva and Amber who spent part of the day shopping. Sara and I went up the street to a little pub; just outside we witnessed a guy and gal wrestling with a keg of Guinness trying to place it into the rear seat of a sedan. I offered my assistance. A few minutes latter they enter the pub. He is the bartender or as the Irish calls them the Publican. The gal walked in and asked if it was ok to pull up a barstool and join us. Her name was Audry, 42-year-old redhead originally from Dublin. An investment banker who sold out everything and moved to the West and bought an old Pub out in the country west of Dingle. That's where the keg was going. We visited for the next two hours. And had a few pints and BMWs. Old man comes in and has a cute little 6-year-old terrier with him. He puts the dog up on a stool next to him at the bar and explains to us that each day they take a two mile walk together and then stop and have a couple of pints. Sure enough the bartender sets up two pints of Guinness, one for the old guy and places one in front of the pooch, who precedes licking up the foamy head. The bartender is getting relieved and is going upstairs to make some supper and asks if we want some Sara says no and I say yes. About 45 minutes later he appears with a couple of plates of grilled salmon (fresh/Atlantic) grilled steak, steamed creamed vegetables and new Irish potatoes. Great meal! We said our good-byes and went up the hill, decided to walk into another little hole in the wall pub and whom do we find? My daughters, Eva and Amber. Hanging out with about a dozen young men from Cork city. They had traveled to Dingle to have a bachelor party. One sang rebel songs and talked about the "troubles". His father did 14 years in a prison for IRA involvement. He had been found at the Northern Ireland border with a missile launcher under a blanket in his back seat. Later got Sara a pizza and went back and went to bed. Girls went dancing at another place till the wee hours.
Third day in Dingle. We have breakfast here at the Mal House and hope to drive toward the Ring of Kerry and then head toward Shannon airport. We stopped in Waterville, beautiful town along the sea. Later we had a picnic out side of Killarney. We saw some magnificent scenery along the way. Drove back toward Limerick. We found a very nice large room with two king beds at a Best Western near the Shannon Airport we then went next door to a pub/restaurant and had a pint and supper.
Last Day in Ireland! Shannon Airport, near Limerick: Awoke at 9:30 nice breakfast at the hotel, buffet style. Got gas in rental car and returned it at the airport. Purchased some Irish liquor products at duty free shop in airport. They had two different whiskey tasting tables set up with hostesses. Very nice complimentary samples. Boarded our Air Lingus plane for the flight home via Dublin and then onward across the pond. Read, ate, drank, visited and slept. We landed in Chicago's O'Hare Airport USA at 4: 30 p m Monday June 30th, 2003 Drive Home!

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